Analytics Engineering

Here is the work I've found most interesting over the years, I didn't know what to call but, the great DBT team has a blog that oulines what it is. It is "analytics engineering" - and it is: the analytics engineer is a steward of organizational knowledge, not a researcher answering a specific question. The analytics engineer curates the catalog so that the researchers can do their work more effectively.

This sketch of the data team fits the teams I've worked on that have methodologists, operators, data scientists, software engineers, project managers, solution architects, technical project managers, customer success folks, sales and marketing people. 

Data is nothing if it is not transformed into knowledge that aids in decision making. 

At some level, my life work is to make good decisions based on informed reasoning of available options. It was my most bloodless way of reasoning my way through college, and my early career in political polling, market research, and media & entertainment testing. 

My interest in products has been anchored in this process of analytics engineering. Different outputs, but the team to deliver it is described best as acts / areas that are shared across differing titles at organizations.